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What are different types of Hybrid Water Heaters?

For many years, consumers only had one option when it came to choosing a water heater, a standard tank type (storage) unit. This unit delivered hot water, but could not provide the promise of endless hot water for extremely high, multi-appliance demand. In recent years, tankless units have been introduced to the market with the promise to deliver continuous hot water, but also have fallen short meeting the demand of multiple appliances running simultaneously. Hybrid water heaters meet the needs of a high usage with multiple appliances and offers continuous hot water.
Hybrid units offer:
  • Continuous hot water
  • Offers back-to-back showers without running out of hot water.
  • Peak demand capacity
  • Allows for reserve hot water when multiple appliances are used at once.
  • No hot water delivery issues
  • When multiple appliances are used, you will not see spikes in water temperature.

Hence, as one would understand, the types of hybrid water heaters would be similar to that of tank or tankless water heater. These water heaters can be differentiated based on their fuel source. Hybrid water heaters can come in form of electric, natural gas, liquid propane gas and such. Each hybrid water heater has its own specific details and speciality that makes it unique. On top of that, every brand has a specific way of producing these units and thus, in one or another, they all differe from each other. Always read the specification and owner's manual before buying a product.